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Map with Emergency areas (in S.A.S.)
Municipalities: by district and by postcode
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An Emergency area (Spocanian: pk-are) is a region in which the assistance in disasters (fire, floods, avalanches, industrial disasters, serious accidents, etc.) is coordinated centrally, and not by each municipality separately. Emergency areas are partnerships between several adjacent municipalities who believe they are at increased risk with respect to a particular category of calamities, such as industrial and mining areas, mountains with avalanche danger, forests with fire danger or wetland areas with flooding.
Some emergency areas are over the years expanded as more municipalities joined it. Emergency areas that by area expansion became each other's neighbours, are somtimes combined into one area. Thus, the number of areas has been reduced from originally 20 (with 96 municipalities) to 18 (with a total of 118 municipalities - as of 2003).
Because the organisation of Emergency areas is an "unofficial" initiative of cooperating municipalities, and not an administrative body, defined by law, such areas may also be cross-border, in the sense that a district border can run right across the Emergency area. In the case of formal administrative divisions, the district border are always consistently observed.

Not all municipalities are willing to take on such a partnership: major cities are never included in an Emergency area because they have themselves sufficient capacity to fight calamities. Moreover, a densely populated area like a city requires a different approach, compared to inaccessible, sparsely populated rural areas. Some Emergency areas exhibit "gaps" if one of the neighbouring municipalities does not want to cooperate. Theoretically, this can obstruct an effective aid, but in practice, solutions are found in providing adequate assistance, also in such "gaps" - often the non-cooperating municipality will later be sent the bill for the aid (unless this municipality has in one way or the other already contributed in cooperation).

Below the Emergency areas are arranged alphabetically; the municipalities that fall under these areas are - by area - ordered by postcode.

  1. Aldyn (Ben): fire, explosions, mine disasters, oil spills

    5102-Zertoniyta 5601-Vlament 5800-Riysbo 5801-Edprof 5802-Tufiepo 5803-Floran

  2. Azro-Plafot (Plef): flooding, forest fires, avalanches, landslides

    1104-St.Berc-Leras 1105-Wens 1108-Plafot 1117-Plerc 1401-Fjer 1402-Knolbol-belt 1708-Plef 1708-Plef 1708-Vel-Azro 1709-Mit

    In 1998, Azro and Plafot are merged into one Emergency area.

  3. Blizer (Flp): floods, insect pests

    7400-St.Alycro-Poniy 7405-Alas (TF) 7406-Acherque 7407-Adolentiy-Begr 7408-St.Christs 7417-Menn

  4. Cerobiy (isl. Teujan): forest fires, flooding

    6324-Zjk 6600-Kanea 6601-Bleuj 6602-Trus 6903-Cerobiy

  5. Cjoefen (Bloi): heath and dune fires

    2300-Ameronne 2304-Has 2305-Ipana 2306-Festruna 2313-Meer 3102-Monny 3217-Pla (BLO)

    Between Monny and Pla, the municipality of Vel is situated, which does not participate in the Emergency area. But the dunes of Vel between the coast and highway 3, which forms a connection between Monny and Pla, is part of the Emergency area (Vel gives a financial contribution).

  6. Crona (Ben): flooding, avalanches, landslides

    5900-Crobela 5901-Oopare 5902-Prio 5903-Sa Crono 5904-Amentlestu 5905-Staef 5911-Quobenta 5912-Gran 5923-Afacha

  7. ivve-Kylb (Plef): fire, explosions, mine disasters, toxic substances, flooding, landslides, falling rocks

    1406-Jentu 1407-Aagee 1415-Kros 1600-Korif 1602-Vlel 1603-Min-zutter 1900-Tulnn

    In 1997, ivve and Kylb are merged into one Emergency area.

  8. Ergnt (Bloi): floods

    3500-Andel 3501-Wena 3502-Manes-Tol 3506-Hcr

  9. Girdes (Flenazjekk/Litii): landslides, forest fires

    6223-Sinto-Oaji-Quzo 6233-Kerans-srt 6703-Aboris-St.Jenu 6704-Abert 6714-Manes-Bec 6714-Quitas-Olas

  10. Hazcki (Ren): floods

    5006-Rn 5501-Treek 5502-Sinto-L 5511-Tij 5705-Halepoai a/e Kjoep

  11. Hereo (Tjemp): fire, explosions, toxic substances

    1002-Be 1003-Flento 1012-Tolee

  12. Kulano (Ales/Jelafo): flooding, avalanches, landslides

    4311-Laffenet 4321-ut 4331-Mozent 4331-Quandep 4332-ebantiy 4352-Quober 4362-X ja ef Prusots 4423-Eon 4500-Sinto-Groje 4501-Zelzakiy 4502-Jajes 4511-ors 4521-Fietso

  13. Kylb (Plef)

    See ivve-Kylb.

  14. Pitla (Ziyp): floods

    3401-Lnges 3902-Balier 3903-Fnk 3904-Berezze 3912-Ozaneto a/e Leije

  15. Plafot (Plef)

    See Azro-Plafot.

  16. Tora (Tjemp/Plef): avalanches, falling rocks

    1034-Acaratsa 1044-Sinto-Torafebab 1054-Xarebafiy 1064-Manes-Pjeufiy 1501-Nens 1502-Zermatt 1702-Hajetuni 1703-Lufia 1704-Zendoreno 1725-Pofersrt 1735-Tustia

  17. Vls (Kina): sand storms, forest fires

    8103-Crlamejo 8301-Kiven 8500-Aelas 8503-Crbast-srt

  18. rc (Ziyp): landslides, falling rocks, sand storms

    3612-rst 3613-Xark 3623-Monce 3941-Clemba 3951-Fabonier

  19. Ziffon (Munt/Ziyp): flooding, heath fires

    2511-Ziffon-belt 2531-Putu 2531-Ziffon 2541-Foteuso 2551-Filiapia 2703-Flomy 2713-Meaue 3046-Lamoneo 3705-Klemp

  20. Zuykena (Ben): fire, explosions, toxic substances

    5201-Azerse 5211-Mntariy 5402-Reven

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