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Kingdom of Spocania.

Spocania: an introduction


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Location in the Atlantic Ocean, southwest of Ireland
Surface 46,520 km² (cf. Denmark: 43,100 km²)
Highest summit Hornta-agru (1890 m)
Lowest point Pitla-polder (–2.3 m)
Inhabitants 2008 7.6 million
Capital Hirdo (896,000 inh.)
Polity Kingdom, parliamentary democracy
Administration 7 "main islands", each with an island gouvernment; the 5 largest islands are each subdivided into 2 or more "counties" (distryccs)
Religion Ergynne and Roman Catholic
Languages Spocanian, Pegrevian, Garosh (and various dialects)
Time zone UTC–1; 1 hour earlier than Great Britain (UTC); Spocania has no summer time
Currency Herco, subdivided into 100 tˇftos (1 herco = approx. 1 euro)
International dialing code 427
Internet domain .sp
International car code SIY
Voltage 230 V, 50 Hz